Add Your Name: Break the Cycle of Violence

    We need a criminal justice system that puts rehabilitation, treatment, and healing ahead of punishment and incarceration. That's the only way to break the cycle of violence that so many communities endure.

    Have you been affected by crime?

    I am a survivor of crime.

    Someone I know or love has been affected by crime.

    Aswad survived a violent crime in 2009. Here’s what he has to say about policies that can make our communities safer:

    “I survived two near-fatal gunshot wounds to my back. And I remember being very angry. I suffered from depression, fear, and flashbacks. I received no help or services. But I also began to think about what happened to the two individuals who shot me. What type of services did they not receive that led them to commit that crime?

    As crime survivors, we don’t just want tough on crime policies. We know those haven’t been working. We want to talk about the smart investments for individuals to rehabilitate themselves and become productive members of society. We want more trauma recovery services to help victims. That’s what we want.” – Aswad from Connecticut

    If you agree, join our community known as Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice now by adding your name.