Crime Survivors Speak: Texas Victims’ Experiences with Recovery and Views on Criminal Justice

Because comprehensive data hasn’t been available, the public safety debate in Texas has had to rely on anecdote rather than data when it comes to the views and needs of those most negatively impacted by crime and violence: victims. To fill this gap, the Alliance for Safety and Justice commissioned a survey of Texas crime […]

Illinois Crime Victims’ Voices: The First-Ever Survey of Illinois Victims’ Views on Safety and Justice

Illinois is in the midst of reexamining the policies that have led to over-incarceration and a significant shift in its approach to public safety. For the first time in decades, criminal justice practitioners, lawmakers, and the general public are rethinking sentencing laws, prison spending, and the best ways to address crime and violence.

Toolkit: Apply for VOCA Funding: A Toolkit for Organizations Working With Crime Survivors in Communities of Color and Other Underserved Communities.

This toolkit from Equal Justice USA will give you the information you need to understand VOCA funding, eligibility, and whether your organization is ready to apply for and sustain a VOCA grant.

White Paper: Framework for a Data-Driven Crime Prevention Prosecutor’s Office

The National Network for Safe Communities, a project of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, lays out a vision for a prosecutor’s office that acts strategically to reduce crime, enhances the legitimacy of the criminal justice system, strengthens the capacity of communities to prevent and reduce crime, and reduces the unintended consequences of existing criminal […]