If signed into law, the bill would establish standards for trauma recovery centers – a proven model of care that provides comprehensive services to crime victims

PHOENIX – Arizona crime victims today applauded the Senate’s final passage of HB 2594, which defines what services and funding would be required for a provider to qualify as a trauma recovery center. A trauma recovery center (TRC) is an evidence-based model of care that aims to address trauma in underserved communities, providing comprehensive services to help stop cycles of victimization. HB 2594 – introduced by Representative Ben Toma (R-District 22) – lays the groundwork for bringing this proven model of care to Arizona, helping survivors heal after violence and making communities safer. This critical bill was passed with the support of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice – a national network of crime victims with members throughout Arizona. The bill now heads to the governor’s desk. The full text of the bill can be read here.

“Today, Arizona is sending a clear message – survivors matter and we must address trauma if we are to make our communities safer,” said John Bauters, Arizona state director for the Alliance for Safety and Justice. “We know that unaddressed trauma leads to revictimization and even contact with the justice system. HB 2594 is the first step in prioritizing trauma recovery as a vital part of public safety in our state. We thank Representative Toma for standing with survivors as we continue our work in making Arizona safer for all.”

“When my daughter was murdered, I knew that I may never fully heal from the wounds of losing the love of my life. Too many communities in Arizona are left to recover on their own, leading to more people falling into cycles of despair. HB 2594 is the first step towards ending that cycle and lifting up communities in pain. We thank legislators for passing this bill, and we look forward to finally bringing proven models of recovery to Arizona,” said Carol Gaxiola, Arizona member of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice.

The trauma recovery center model was developed to deliver comprehensive services for victims of violent crime, including mental health and crisis intervention, as well as assistance navigating the systems survivors often need to interact with to attain health and safety: hospitals, law enforcement, victim compensation, employment, housing, education, and others. Trauma recovery centers meet victims where they are by creating individualized plans for healing and support, and have proven to be incredibly successful in states across the country. Those who’ve benefited from trauma recovery center services are:

  • Nearly 60 percent more likely to return to work after their trauma;
  • Nearly 70 percent more likely to work with the legal system to close their case; and
  • Much more likely to see improvements in mental health and quality of life, with 74 percent showing improved health and wellbeing.

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About the Alliance for Safety and Justice

The Alliance for Safety and Justice is a national organization that aims to win evidence-based new safety priorities in states across the country. It also brings together diverse crime survivors to advance policies that help communities most harmed by crime and violence, as part of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice – its national network of over 90,000 crime survivors with thousands of members in Arizona. For more information, visit: or