ASJ Applauds DOJ support for underserved crime victims and leadership of Central Iowa Recovery Center’

Washington, D.C. Alliance for Safety and Justice (ASJ) applauds the Central Iowa Trauma Recovery Center (TRC) for being named a recipient of the OVC FY 2023 Field-Generated Grant for Increasing Options and Expanding Access to Victims of Crime issued by the Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs

The Central Iowa TRC is part of a network of centers that follow the TRC Model of Care, a best-practice intervention created in 2001 to serve survivors of violence who were falling through the cracks of traditional victims services with a combination of assertive outreach, trauma informed-mental health services, and care coordination.

ASJ advocates for the establishment and growth of TRCs around the nation as a proven solution to help break the cycle of violence, as they remove barriers to care for victims of crime from underserved communities.

A 2022 national survey found that most crime victims never receive the help they need to overcome the physical, emotional, and financial harm inflicted by their victimization. This lack of investment in support for crime victims’ trauma-related needs leaves communities trapped in cycles of crime and violence.

“We applaud the leadership of the Department of Justice and the Office of Justice Programs in its efforts to advance community safety and improve access to services and healing for all crime victims. This investment gives hope to underserved crime victims who have gone unsupported for far too long,” said Shakyra Diaz, Chief of Federal Advocacy for the Alliance for Safety and Justice.  “Under the leadership of Alyson Simmons, the Central Iowa TRC partners with the most vulnerable crime victims to help them thrive post-harm. With this grant, more crime victims will be helped by the TRC Model of Care. Too often victims are left alone to navigate multiple systems and insurmountable challenges while in the midst of trauma. Our hope is that investments in TRCs continue to grow so all crime victims – no matter where they live – have access to well-equipped and trauma-informed services in their time of need.”

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