HB 1441 would expand housing protections for victims seeking safe housing after experiencing violence 

HARRISBURG – The State House Judiciary Committee today passed HB 1441 in a bipartisan vote, which expands housing protections for crime survivors seeking safer accommodations after violence. This bill would allow all violent crime victims and immediate family members to have the right to terminate a lease or have locks changed following a violent crime, without financial or legal consequences. It would also protect tenants from rent increases, refusals to rent, or evictions due to their victimization. HB 1441 is sponsored by Rep. Lisa A. Borowski, and is supported by crime survivors across the state. Alex Abboud, Pennsylvania state manager for Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice – which has over 7,000 members in Pennsylvania alone – released the following statement: 

“No crime survivor should have to choose between their physical or emotional safety and the financial consequences of breaking a lease. Today’s committee passage of HB 1441 brings us one step closer to ensuring that survivors will be able to relocate or change locks without facing unnecessary penalties in the midst of their recovery. 

Experiencing violence and loss can be overwhelming and destabilizing. But when we provide support to help people heal and ensure their safety, we help to stop cycles of trauma so people can get their lives back on track. This bill will save lives and further protect families when they are at their most vulnerable.  

We thank Representative Borowski for continuing to fight for us so we can strengthen our communities, protect victims, and make Pennsylvania safer.” 

The full text of the bill can be read here.


Media Contact: Julien Martinez, [email protected], 347-229-2517