Alexandra Abboud

Pennsylvania CSSJ Statewide Manager


Alexandra currently serves as our PA CSSJ Statewide Manager and is a licensed social worker residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Prior to joining the ASJ team, Alex worked in the City of Pittsburgh’s new Office of Community Health and Safety where she developed the City’s first social work program that addressed the needs of crime survivors, individuals that utilized a high number of public safety resources, and began to build the bones for a social work co-response model.

Alexandra received her Bachelors in Social Work from Miami University and her Masters in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh, where she fell in love with the Pittsburgh community and took roots. She began her work engaging with youth in schools and residential treatment centers where she quickly witnessed the daily injustices that are experienced by so many people being touch by our systems, especially for survivors of crime.

As she watched so many of the youth she worked directly with be ignored, forgotten, and mistreated, her passion to tackle this on a larger level was ignited; and so began her transition into the crime survivor world. Alexandra transitioned into working as the Victim Assistance Coordinator in the City’s Department of Public Safety, where she developed the crime survivor program, provided trauma-informed care, advocacy and resources for survivors of crime. Her expertise includes crisis intervention, harm reduction practices, survivor supports, youth engagement and program development.