CEO, ASJ & National Director, TimeDone

Jay Jordan has worked at the intersection of social justice and politics throughout his career. He serves as ASJ’s CEO, overseeing all of ASJ’s state-based teams and reform advocacy efforts, as well as the #TimeDone National Director. Jay co-founded the organization’s #TimeDone campaign to organize people living with past conviction records to eliminate the barriers […]

Chief Operating Officer

Andrea Broxton is the Chief Operating Officer at the Alliance for Safety and Justice (ASJ), and is responsible for leading the organization’s state and national operations. In this capacity, she oversees the operational and financial growth plans that enable ASJ to scale up and sustain its national reach across 15 states. Broxton joined ASJ in […]

VP, ASJ & National Director, CSSJ

On August 24, 2009, Aswad was 26 years old and just three weeks from going to Europe to play professional basketball. As he left a convenience store, he was approached by two men intent on robbing him and he suffered two near-fatal gunshots to his back, ending his basketball career. Today, Aswad leads ASJ’s organizing […]


Lenore is the co-founder and President of Alliance for Safety and Justice, and founder of Californians for Safety and Justice. She is an attorney with extensive experience working to reform criminal justice and public safety systems. Lenore was the Campaign Chair and co-author of Proposition 47, a 2014 California ballot initiative to reduce incarceration and reallocate […]

President Emeritus of Advisory Board

Robert is a seasoned organizer and campaigner who over the last two decades worked to achieve landmark wins in justice reform in multiple states. Robert is the co-founder of Alliance for Safety and Justice where he oversees all of ASJ’s state-based advocacy strategies and campaigns and the Organizing Director of Californians for Safety and Justice. […]