Editorial: No, criminals aren’t rampaging across California because of our zero-dollar bail policy

California’s emergency zero-dollar bail order does not force officials to turn criminals loose on the public.


Texas Crime Survivors Celebrate New Laws Expanding Access To Victim Compensation And Reforming Probation To Improve Public Safety

Crime survivors in Texas applauded today as Governor Greg Abbott signed two landmark public safety bills, Senate Bill (SB) 957 and House Bill (HB) 385, promising to improve outcomes for crime survivors and increase community safety across the state.

Texas Legislature Passes Bill Expanding Access To Victim Compensation In Victory For Texas Crime Survivors

The Texas Legislature today passed critical reforms to the state’s victim compensation program, expanding access to the program in a victory for crime survivors and advocates. SB 957 – authored by Senator Judith Zaffirini and sponsored by Rep Krause – passed the Texas House of Representatives with bipartisan support and will reduce barriers to access so that more crime victims can receive assistance through the comprehensive program.

Crime Victims Applaud As Probation Reform Bill Passes Texas Senate In Bipartisan Vote

Crime survivors and criminal justice advocates today applauded the Texas Senate’s passage of HB 385 in a bipartisan vote. The bill, which already passed the Texas House of Representatives unanimously, would reform the state’s probation system, ensuring that Texans on probation are able to focus on rehabilitation to reduce recidivism, while creating safer communities and saving taxpayer money.

My main takeaway is that criminal justice reform is continuing to advance public safety” 



 Tim Arango and Charles McDermid


Florida Is Just a Start

How the rest of the country can take the Sunshine State’s lead and embrace second-chance criminal justice reform.

Will Florida’s Ex-Felons Finally Regain the Right to Vote?

A referendum on the November ballot in Florida would re-enfranchise 1.5 million citizens — and could change the state’s electorate.



The Columbus Dispatch: Hundreds of survivors of crime gathered Wednesday at the Statehouse for Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice’s inaugural “Survivors Speak Ohio” event to advocate for criminal-justice reform and help for crime victims.


Corrections Spending Increased 13 Times More Than Education Spending

Cleveland 19 News (CBS): The survey shows crime victims want better services and rehabilitation programs instead of long prison sentences. Robert Rooks is the Vice President of Alliance for Safety and Justice…

The Source: New Survey Shows Victims Of Crime Less Likely To Support Long Sentences, Incarceration

Texas Public Radio: President Obama commuted the sentence of a record breaking 214 federal prisoners. The move marks another in the continuing signs that the United States is rethinking how we accomplish justice and public safety…

How Do Crime Victims View Incarceration?

Sirius XM Progress: Ari Rabin-Havt speaks with Lenore Anderson, President, Alliance for Safety and Justice about their new report on crime victims. The Agenda with Ari Rabin-Havt airs live nationally, Monday through Friday, 6:00am – 9:00am ET on SiriusXM Progress, channel 127.

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What We Need To Curb Violence In The U.S. (And It Isn’t More Prisons And Policing)

In reaction to increased violence in some American cities this summer, we’re witnessing the old familiar responses. As Chicago experienced record murders, President Donald Trump announced he would send in federal forces while the city’s police department sought to flood neighborhoods with cops. But these policing-focused efforts will not stop the cycle of violence so that everyone is safe. No one understands this better than the people who live in the communities that actually face the violence ― including those, like me, who have been victims.

In efforts to prevent mass violence, don’t discount needs of victims

The Odessa American: We have an opportunity for state leaders, community health officials and crime victims to partner in launching centers that help ensure our communities are safe and healthy. We achieve that when survivors can access the resources and support they need to recover.

Florida voters prove Americans can put ‘people over politics’

The Hill: While political morass in Washington has our federal government shut down with no end in sight, something special and far different has been happening in Florida.