From PennLive: Pa. House approves bill to aid state inmates’ re-entry into society

Read the original story on PennLive.com By Jan Murphy | [email protected] Legislation that would help to ease state inmates’ transition into society and give them an opportunity to get out sooner, won passage in the state House of Representatives on Wednesday. One bill would require the state to assist inmates in obtaining identification before leaving prison […]

What We Need To Curb Violence In The U.S. (And It Isn’t More Prisons And Policing)

In reaction to increased violence in some American cities this summer, we’re witnessing the old familiar responses. As Chicago experienced record murders, President Donald Trump announced he would send in federal forces while the city’s police department sought to flood neighborhoods with cops. But these policing-focused efforts will not stop the cycle of violence so that everyone is safe. No one understands this better than the people who live in the communities that actually face the violence ― including those, like me, who have been victims.

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