Voting Rights Restored in Florida Florida Restores Voting Rights For Millions Living With A Past Conviction

People who’ve earned a path to redemption should be able to rejoin society. Click here to sign if you agree.


Trauma Recovery Centers
A transformational new model of
care for survivors of violent crime


Crime Survivors
for Safety and Justice

Victims of crime coming together to share
their stories, heal, and advocate for change


Survivors Speak

Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice hosts an annual convening of survivors of crime, system leaders, and influencers from across the country during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week in April. The event — “Survivors Speak” — held each year since 2014, is the largest gathering of crime victims in the United States and is a place for crime survivors, particularly from communities most affected by violence and crime, to move from healing to action.

Safety and Justice in the States

The U.S. prison population has increased nearly 700 percent since 1972. Incarceration now costs more than $80 billion annually. For most states, increased prison spending has outpaced other investments that can help prevent crime and improve community health. Select a state to learn more about its imprisonment rate and see a comparison of corrections spending to education spending. More comparisons to come!


  • Data sources: Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics’ Prisoner Series (Data last accessed 6/4/18 from Correctional Statistical Analysis Tool), National Association of State Budget Officers’ State Expenditure Report, and The Sentencing Project’s The Color of Justice: Racial and Ethnic Disparity in State Prisons

New Safety Priorities

Despite dramatic increases in prison spending, too many communities impacted by crime lack protection or help. It’s time for new safety priorities that replace prison waste with crime prevention, survivor support, rehabilitation, and community health.