Building New Constituencies to Win Safety for All

Alliance for Safety and Justice (ASJ) is a multi-state organization that aims to replace over-incarceration with more effective public safety solutions rooted in crime prevention, community health, rehabilitation and support for crime victims. Focused on the largest states in the country, we partner with state leaders and advocates to achieve safety and justice reforms through advocacy, organizing, coalition building, research and communications.

Our History

Launched in 2016, ASJ is currently engaged in eight states (Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania and our flagship in California-Californians for Safety and Justice). We are justice data and policy experts, grassroots organizers, attorneys and campaigners – we combine research and smart policy proposals with lobbying, constituency building and alliances to win changes in state laws.
ASJ is the sister organization of Californians for Safety and Justice, also a project of Tides Center and Alliance for Safety and Justice Action Fund, a 501(c)4 project of The Advocacy Fund.