Liz Sanchez

State Policy Manager

Liz Sanchez, Senior Manager, State Capacity

Liz Sanchez, Senior Manager, State Capacity

Liz is our State Policy Manager.

Liz’s journey within our organization has spanned over eight years. From her beginnings as an Executive Assistant to the President, she was a crucial point of contact and facilitated seamless communication across departments. Building on her foundation, Liz elevated her role to become the Program Manager to the President. In this capacity, she continued overseeing administrative functions and assumed responsibility for supporting strategic initiatives. Liz’s trajectory led her toTimeDone, where she took on the role of Program Manager. Alongside the National Director, she supported the execution of multi-faceted projects, fostering cross-functional collaboration and ensuring timely delivery of results.
Most recently, Liz served as Senior Manager for TimeDone. Her strategic insight, honed through years of experience working alongside leadership, empowered her to drive results and contribute to meeting the company’s strategic priorities. She continues to demonstrate an unwavering dedication to our work, fostering an environment of productivity, collaboration, and inclusivity.

Liz’s commitment to our mission is deeply personal, rooted in her family’s direct experiences within the criminal justice system. These firsthand encounters have ignited a passion for social justice advocacy.

Liz is on a journey towards becoming an attorney through California’s law office/judge’s chambers program, further expanding her ability to drive transformative change. Liz holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice from San Francisco State University and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.