To Truly Reform Criminal Justice, Policy Makers Must Listen to Crime Survivors

Philanthropy News Digest: The 2016 election campaign season has exposed the deep and bitter divides in our political system. Candidates have put forth vastly different views, and the list of what they agree on seems to be getting shorter by the day. Yet criminal justice reform has become that rare thing — an issue on which many Democrats and Republicans can agree.

Who Crime Victims Are and How They View Justice Reform

Governing: As policymakers in state capitols and on Capitol Hill debate criminal justice reform, it’s worth considering who crime victims are and their views on laws meant to punish those who do them harm. A pair of national surveys sheds some light on the issue. The Justice GOVERNING: Department’s annual National Crime Victimization Survey reports detailed data on various types of crimes and their victims. Another recent survey, commissioned by the Alliance for Safety and Justice (ASJ), provides…

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