Largest Advocacy Organization for Public Safety Reform Unites Austin Families Affected by a Past Record

As a recent report sheds light on significant obstacles faced by individuals with an arrest or other legal record, TimeDone Texas unites Austin families to advocate for economic empowerment and enhanced public safety.

AUSTIN, Texas – In a resounding display of community empowerment and public safety advocacy, more than 100 Texans with past records gathered at the Givens Recreation Center. This event marks a significant step towards building safe and economically vibrant neighborhoods across the Lone Star State.

TimeDone Texas members, in collaboration with local crime survivors, came together to champion common-sense public safety policies that break the cycle of crime and victimization. Attendees also received invaluable information on housing, employment, legal services, and other resources aimed at helping them break free from post-incarceration challenges.

Maggie Luna, the Texas state chapter coordinator for TimeDone, emphasized the importance of second chances, stating, “Even after serving our time, many of us Texans still grapple with exclusion from fully engaging in our economy and community, wrestling with obstacles reminiscent of, or even weightier than, the ones that initially landed us behind bars. When we grant individuals the chance to make a fresh start, we’re not just talking about redemption; we’re building the groundwork for a safer, more prosperous future for our state.”

This event comes on the heels of a groundbreaking report released this year, highlighting the profound impact past records can have on individuals striving to move forward. A national survey revealed that over half of those with old legal records struggle to find employment and meet basic needs, such as affording groceries or rent.

With over nine million Texans living with old records, one in three faces barriers to achieving stability for their families and actively participating in their communities. The state imposes numerous laws and restrictions, collectively known as collateral consequences, which hinder residents from securing employment, education, housing, and more.

TimeDone is a flagship program of the Alliance for Safety and Justice, the nation’s largest grassroots public safety organization uniting families from communities most impacted by violent crime. TimeDone serves as a resource hub, enabling individuals with past records to access services such as expungement, credit counseling, and higher education while empowering them to become advocates for community-led public safety.


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