Statement from the Alliance for Safety and Justice on the Tragic Jacksonville Shooting

We were devastated to hear the news of the tragic loss of three innocent lives due to gun violence in Jacksonville. As a community of crime survivors with a strong presence in the Jacksonville area, we know this loss hits especially hard. Our thoughts are with the families of the victims, and we stand in solidarity with Jacksonville as they join communities across the nation in calling for healing and true safety. 

These events once again serve as a reminder that gun violence and trauma can reach any community, and it’s a reality that is sadly faced by countless Americans every day. We need common sense solutions to violence that go beyond politics – and take into account how we can best serve survivors of violence in their healing journey. 

Jacksonville needs to heal, from the events of this past weekend and from other instances of violence that have gripped the city. The way to begin this healing journey includes establishing trauma recovery centers, and expanding help for survivors in the wake of violence through Florida’s Victims Compensation program and other policies are proven approaches that can help to stop cycles of violence and strengthen communities like Jacksonville. 

The response to this and other tragedies deserve urgent, thoughtful responses from our elected leaders. We will continue to work with crime survivors in Florida and nationwide so we can achieve true shared safety and stronger communities for all.