Andrea Broxton

Chief Operating Officer

Andrea Broxton is the Chief Operating Officer at the Alliance for Safety and Justice (ASJ), and is responsible for leading the organization’s state and national operations. In this capacity, she oversees the operational and financial growth plans that enable ASJ to scale up and sustain its national reach across 15 states. Broxton joined ASJ in October 2018 and brings 20 years of experience in non-profit management and program development. She has a wealth of expertise in the areas of talent management, program strategy, and organizational planning. Her proven track record in building mission-driven organizations started early in her career when she led a mentoring program for children, ages 4-18, who had a parent in the state or federal prison system. During this time, she advocated for children and families impacted by incarceration and crime and learned first-hand about the urgent need to advance new safety solutions rooted in prevention, rehabilitation, and community health. Over the years, Andrea has carried this experience with her and has transferred this knowledge into how she develops systems that govern programs and organizations. Throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Andrea is respected for her continuous learning approach to organizational and staff development. Beneath her approach is a keen awareness of the issues and innovations that unify people and create pathways for learning and collaboration, resulting in stellar programs and advocacy efforts that deliver a lasting impact on youth, adults, and communities.

Prior to joining ASJ, Andrea was the Vice President of Operations at the Partnership for Children and Youth, an advocacy and capacity-building organization championing high-quality learning opportunities for underserved youth in California, with an emphasis on after school, summer learning, and community schools. While at the Partnership, she improved the organization’s business management systems by refining organizational structures such as work and budget planning, restructuring compensation practices, and building an integrated people operation platform for staff to share knowledge, provide feedback, and design organization-wide initiatives. In addition to her extensive organizational development and operations experience, Andrea is trained in over 10 group facilitation and adult learning tools and methodologies and has coached 100’s of staff, programs, and organizations across the United States and abroad. As a capacity-builder, she has worked to leverage staff expertise and organizational culture to deepen annual and strategic planning strategies and scale business processes. Broxton holds a BA in Anthropology from Indiana University and currently lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and three children.