Policy Reforms

Illinois has a long history of various reform efforts in both its juvenile and adult corrections systems. In 2004 state legislators passed Redeploy Illinois, a program to provide financial incentives to counties that reduce youth imprisonment. The legislation resulted in the closure of two youth prisons. In 2009, the legislature created the Adult Redeploy Illinois program to offer incentives to counties to reduce the number of adults convicted of nonviolent crimes that are sent to state prison. Still, crowding in adult prisons has continued. In response to prison crowding and increasing corrections spending, in 2015 Governor Bruce Rauner (R) created the Illinois State Commission on Criminal Justice and Sentencing Reform.  The goal of the Commission is to make recommendations for sentencing and policy reforms that will reduce the state’s prison population by 25 percent (approximately 12,000 people) by 2025, while advancing public safety.


Alliance for Safety and Justice is providing support and information to the Commission and community partners to help advance justice reform. Alliance for Safety and Justice is also partnering with Padres de Angeles, the Workers Center for Racial Justice and others to elevate crime survivor experiences and leadership in advancing new safety priorities that can bring health, prevention and rehabilitation to communities impacted by crime and violence.