Crime Survivors Speak

A new, first-of-its-kind national survey released by the Alliance for Safety and Justice (ASJ) bucks conventional wisdom regarding the views of crime victims on incarceration. Despite popular assumptions that victims support long sentences and prison expansion, the National Survey of Victims’ Views finds that victims would prefer the criminal justice system focus more on…

Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice Call on Governor Cuomo and Legislature to Enact Justice Reforms in New York

March 26, 2019 Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo Governor of New York State NYS State Capitol Building Albany, NY 12224 Honorable Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Majority Leader New York State Senate188 State Street Room 907 Legislative Office Building Albany, NY 12247 Honorable Carl E. Heastie, Speaker New York State Assembly LOB 932 Albany, NY 12248 Dear Governor Cuomo, […]

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