Policy Advocate

Edward Little, is a leading policy professional in criminal justice reform with an extensive background in the areas of social justice, workforce development, reentry, and policing. Ed served on the Bail Bond Review Steering Committee with other community stakeholders, and legal professionals from around the community engaged in a campaign to reform Cuyahoga County’s Broken […]

Director of Legislative Advocacy

Shaena Fazal is the Director of Legislative Advocacy for the Alliance for Safety and Justice. She has over 20 years of experience advocating for youth and criminal justice reform as a public defender, policy advocate and lobbyist. She has worked on campaigns related to the abolition of the death penalty, ending life without parole for […]

California Government Affairs Director

Anthony pursued his Master’s in Social Welfare to work on social justice issues and reform the criminal justice system. As director of government affairs, Anthony is responsible for strategizing and advocating for Safe and Just’s legislative and budget agenda in the California Capitol. Anthony began his career as an administrative analyst for the City of […]

Texas State Director

Terra is a policy analyst with more than a decade of experience in the Texas legislature and criminal justice field.  Terra serves as the Texas State Director for the Alliance for Safety and Justice where she is responsible for developing and executing justice reform campaigns that center safety and that elevate the voices of crime […]